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Your cheatin’ heart

Ever get that sneaking suspicion that your spouse isn’t being 100% honest with you?  Well if you can’t afford a polygraph, you could plop down $50 for a semen detection kit!

Snap! Caught again!

“Do you suffer from the nightmare of suspicion and  doubt caused by the  infidelity of a cheating  spouse? Now you can find out  what’s really going on the quick and easy way with a semen detection infidelity test from CheckMate…. CheckMate is the revolutionary home use forensic test for semen detection that instantly detects traces of dried semen that can be found in underwear after sex.”

So, I guess you could find out if your husband is getting around…. unless he showered after his naughty business.  Same goes for wifey.

If you’re too cheap for semen detection technology, you could always try starting an open and honest dialogue with your spouse.  Or hide out in the pantry with a shotgun when he / she thinks you are heading out of town to see relatives.  Whatever seems most sane at the time.

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