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Camera Wars – Super Compact

Poloroid + Audrey Kitching

The predicament has existed since the advent of the digital camera gadget.  Style, size or quality?

The hyper thin digital camera (read: credit card) is great for that quick snap shot when you are out with your friends, but generally, the pictures turn out flat, bland and with a 50 / 50 chance of being completely unflattering.  Regardless, the portability and at-a-moments-notice (fill in blank spot here) give these little guys a clear advantage over the bigger boys.

In the wafer thin category, the Canon Power Shot Elph 300 HS is a great choice.  It’s small enough to fit in a pocket… in fact, perhaps too small!  For it’s size, the Elph takes good pictures indoors and out.

Canon Elph
The Good: Size, Ultra-Wide-Angle Lens, Light Weight, HD Video Quality
The Bad: Shooting modes are all under one menu
Price: Between $200 and $300 online

Canon Elph

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