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Camera Wars – Travel Zoom

Travel zoom cameras are a fairly new class, consisting of bite-sized cameras with over 10x optical zoom.  And let’s face it, being able to pull a camera out of your pocket and get a close up shot of the bank robbery two blocks away is pretty freakin cool.

The name of the game here is versatility.  This class of camera gives the amateur photographer ease of use, portability and room to grow.  For the seasoned pro, there are enough options and controls to capture a more professional image.

So what’s the Catch?  The trade-off for this amount of zoom in the compact body is the sensor.  The sensor is not as big as you’ll find in a DSLR (which is actually why such a big lens can fit into a small body), so the images are never going to be as crisp and large as you’d get with a professional model.  But hey, for the size and price, it seems like a pretty even exchange.

We would suggest either the Sony Cybershot DSC-HX9v or the Nikon Coolpix S9100.  For super detailed info, you can check out dpreview.

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