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Floatable Rope Swing!!!

Few things are as fun, cool and nostalgia-inducing as a rope swing.  The experience itself is quite unlike anything else.  You test your weight against the strength of the rope and feel the cool rush of air and terrifying weightlessness before you splash into a refreshing stream or lake.

Sure, that’s all well and good.  But you would have to be pretty close to shore to take advantage, right?  Right?!

Wrong!  Some brilliant adult with the mind of a child (or the other way around) has created the best thing to happen to lakes since the advent of the blob.  I speak, of course, of the floating rope swing!

Behold the genius of a giant float with fully functional rope swing!  One could feasibly take this bad boy out to the middle of the lake and use it for all manner of tom-foolery!  The only drawback, of course, would be inflating the darn thing and storing it.

If anyone has any real-world photos or video of this thing in use, please send em!

Source: Gear Patrol

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