Floatable Rope Swing!!!

Few things are as fun, cool and nostalgia-inducing as a rope swing.  The experience itself is quite unlike anything else.  You test your weight against the strength of the rope and feel the cool rush of air and terrifying weightlessness before you splash into a refreshing stream or lake.

Sure, that’s all well and good.  But you would have to be pretty close to shore to take advantage, right?  Right?!

Wrong!  Some brilliant adult with the mind of a child (or the other way around) has created the best thing to happen to lakes since the advent of the blob.  I speak, of course, of the floating rope swing!

Behold the genius of a giant float with fully functional rope swing!  One could feasibly take this bad boy out to the middle of the lake and use it for all manner of tom-foolery!  The only drawback, of course, would be inflating the darn thing and storing it.

If anyone has any real-world photos or video of this thing in use, please send em!

Source: Gear Patrol

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Annie Leibovitz makes Disney even better

Annie Leibovitz has been responsible for some pretty stellar photo campaigns in her time.  Her photos have the power to evoke full stories and a sense of whimsy that’s unmistakable.

Her second take on Disney is stunning, silly and fun!  You can see the first round of  the Disney Dream Portrait Series here.  If you’d like to take a look at some behind-the-scenes action, check out the slr lounge’s review here.

Disney Hitch hiking ghosts

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Motorcycle side cars are awesome

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Child forced to apologize on Southwest

Alright, who HASN’T wanted to hold those schmucks that cut in line accountable for their actions?  Southwest did just that when they hauled a teenaged boy up to the front of the plane and had him apologize to the cabin for boarding early and taking a prime seat.

While this is a good first step, why stop there?  A more permanent solution, and example for any foolish young soul who dares to cut in lines, would be to open the loading door at thirty-five thousand feet and toss the belligerent youth to his watery grave.

But since we aren’t making the rules (yet), the boy got off with a heartfelt apology.

Video still of teen

Source: The Consumerist
Video: here

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Web Animation Goodness

Every so often, a story-teller with a penchant for art and animation comes along and gives us something absolutely spectacular.  Enter Stevan Živadinović:  Designer.  Animator.  Word-smith.

Stevan is in the process of creating an adult fairy-tale presently over at Hobo Lobo.  Surf over and waste 15 – 755 minutes taking in the awesome art, pop-up animation and twisted tale.

Best Xmas Ever

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Wonder Woman gets real… bitter

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