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Awesome Inventions of Yesteryear (part 4)

Goodyear Light-Up Wheels

The awesomeness continues with the Goodyear light-up tire!

Ladies, never again do you have to guess if you have a run in your nylons.  Gentlemen, you’ll always be sure that your shoes are tied.

Seriously, this kind of puts those under car neon lights to shame.

Ingenuity, folks!

Source: LIFE Magazine


Awesome Inventions of Yesteryear (part 3)

Cigarette holder with little umbrella covering the ember

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more kookie, the 1950’s bring us the Rainy Day Cigarette Holder!

The little umbrella is, let’s face it, adorable.  But wouldn’t it make more sense to just get yourself an umbrella (full-sized human umbrella) and smoke under that?  Don’t get me wrong, the guy in the pic looks super happy getting rained on.  Oh, and that happy gentleman is Robert L. Stern, president of Zues Corp.  I wonder what other technological marvels Zues Corp unleashed on the public?

Ingenuity, folks!

Source: LIFE Magazine

iPad and iPhone gameboy shells!


Wanna bring back some retro hotness when you whip out your iPhone or iPad?  Check out the new Lootiful smart device gameboy covers!  None of that Nintendo 3DS B.S..  Just the simple and pure original gameboy!

No, the screen doesn’t work, but you can always download the tetris app and play it on the other side.

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