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Awesome Inventions of Yesteryear (part 4)

Goodyear Light-Up Wheels

The awesomeness continues with the Goodyear light-up tire!

Ladies, never again do you have to guess if you have a run in your nylons.  Gentlemen, you’ll always be sure that your shoes are tied.

Seriously, this kind of puts those under car neon lights to shame.

Ingenuity, folks!

Source: LIFE Magazine


Awesome Inventions of Yesteryear (part 3)

Cigarette holder with little umbrella covering the ember

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more kookie, the 1950’s bring us the Rainy Day Cigarette Holder!

The little umbrella is, let’s face it, adorable.  But wouldn’t it make more sense to just get yourself an umbrella (full-sized human umbrella) and smoke under that?  Don’t get me wrong, the guy in the pic looks super happy getting rained on.  Oh, and that happy gentleman is Robert L. Stern, president of Zues Corp.  I wonder what other technological marvels Zues Corp unleashed on the public?

Ingenuity, folks!

Source: LIFE Magazine

Awesome Inventions of Yesteryear (part 1)

Black n White Baby Cage - spooky

There have been a lot of truly foolish inventions since the dawn of man.  But none so loco as the baby cage.

As the name implies, the device is a cage.  For a baby.  Developed in 1937 for the members of the “Chelsea Boy Club,” the baby cage allowed apartment bound mothers to dangle their fragile children from windows for some fresh air.

Where are the follow-up interviews?  With the babies.  Those kids must have developed some serious trust issues.

Ingenuity, folks!

Source: LIFE Magazine

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Camp like a Baller

Who sez camping has to be a low brow endeavor?  Not Axel Enthoven, that’s for sure!  Check out his sweet new ride, the Opera!  This stunning camper is modeled after the Sydney opera house.  Says the man himself:

The Opera is a suite, not something to pile the whole family into, but meant for one or two people.

Point taken, Axel!  All we’ll say is that this sweet suite stands to completely change the experience of ‘roughing’ it.  Enjoy the pictures.  For more you can check out the Ysin website.


Future bike

Meet the OneBike.  When you’re at home, it’s a single-wheeled exercise machine.  When you’re on the road, it’s an electric bike.

So if you don’t feel like getting sweaty on your way to work, just charge up your bike before your shower, then cruise in like a bike-big-shot.

From designers: Byoung-soo Choi & Jun-kyeong Kim

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Touch screen tv becomes dj console


Well it looks like the future is just about here.  The clever gremlins over at Smithson Martin are turning multi-touch devices into music controllers.  That means giant touch screen dj booth!  The applications are intriguing.  You could set up a system that allows guests to tap areas of the screen to introduce beats.  Kind of like a HD simon says!

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The future of biking design

Check out this dope bike design from the folks over at INgSOC!  Works as a regular bike with a motor attached for those hills that… well, the hills that just aren’t happening today.

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