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The dark side of apple

The dark lord, Steve Jobs, has an planning session with Tim Cook.

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Welcome the iPhone 4s

It’s officially official.  Apple is releasing a new iPhone… the iPhone 4s.  What, you were expecting an iPhone 5?  Sorry kids, you’ll have to wait until apple sees fit to release its rumor-laden (perhaps rumor-created) beast.  For now you’ll have to sate yourselves with the all new features of the 4s.  And here they are, in no particular order:

  1. Dual Core A5 chip (just like the iPad)
  2.  8MB Camera w improved “optics”  (That means there is an extra lens stuffed in the body)
  3. iCloud
  4. Siri Personal assistant (dope.  Seriously dope.)
  5. Back scratcher
  6. iOS5
  7. Toothbrush
  8. Breathalizer
  9. Scissors
  10. Spray Tan applicator
So the real question here is, where did those iPhone 5 cases come from?  And what about the alleged schematics?  Sneaky rumor mill created by Apple itself?  Well we’ve got the scoop!  In a super secret behind the scenes nixon-worthy in office recording, Mr Jobs is quoted as saying, “That’s it!  I’m tired of our shiz getting leaked to the blogging community!  You think you know what’s coming, nerds?  Huh?  Well now we’re not releasing the iPhone 5 for another year!  How’s bout them apples.”  This was followed by 4 and a half minutes of nervous laughter from unnamed apple employees.
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Go! iPhone 5 production

09/09/2011 1 comment

Ok folks, it’s that time of year again.  Board up your windows and avoid the malls… the iPhone 5 is coming!  Yes, soon your friends and co workers will be camped out in front of your local apple retailer desperately trying to get their sweaty hands on a brand spankin new iPhone 5.

Reports suggest that October is the big release.  And maybe apple will be able to keep up with the demand this time.  Maybe.  Rumor has it that Foxconn is spitting out 150k iPhone 5s’ a day.  However, as iOS5 is still not complete, they must be sitting there waiting for the final system install before shipping.

Allegedly the new device will feature a whopping 4 inch wide screen and an 8mp camera.  Surely there will be a cavalcade of other features to get shoppers frothing at the mouths.  We’ll have to wait and see at the next conference.  

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