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App + Musical Island + Fun!


Looking for a fun way to while away your otherwise mundane free time?  Check out Isle of Tune!  The game lets you build a small town of musically responsive structures.  You layout homes, trees, stop lights, etc along a road.  As cars pass your creations, each one beeps or hums out a preset tune.  It’s doesn’t take long to get a fun and catchy melody going!

Check out it out at the app store.




We’ve all downloaded games that ended up falling short of their stylish graphics.  Gesundheit does just the opposite.  When we first saw this game, it looked too simple to be worth further investigation.  Thank nunsense we gave it a try!

Gesundheit is the story of an adorable green pig, ostracized from his peers due to his intense sneezing / snotting.  However, when giant red and blue monsters attack, it’s up to him to save the jerks from impending consumption.

Controls are super easy.  Tap where you want your lil’ green pig to skip to.  Pull back and release to have him blow a green gob of snot.  Oh, did I mention the monsters Lo-o-oooooooooooove eating pig snot?  Well, they do.  If they see the snot, they go for it.  This is great, if you are trying to avoid being eaten, yourself.

The game has you plotting strategies to lure the monsters into giant ground worm traps.  After you have successfully trapped or disposed of all monsters on screen, you’re off to the next level.

Gesundheit will provide hours of fun, and moments of near tablet-tossing frustration.  Well worth the price!

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Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi!

Our king took his final breath today.  The man who brought us the notion of clicking on an icon to open a folder.  The man who brought us the smart phone.  The man who introduced us to digital tablets.  Heck, he even had a hand in Pixar’s Finding Nemo!  He was a frequent target of our 4th-grade-I’ll-punch-you-to-show-you-I-like-you brand of love.

Steve Jobs, you will be dearly missed.  Thank you for everything!


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