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Musical Map of Columbia

Oh what fun!  Sound Way has released an interactive singing map of Columbia.  Take a few minutes to enjoy the sounds they associate with various parts of their country.

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App + Musical Island + Fun!


Looking for a fun way to while away your otherwise mundane free time?  Check out Isle of Tune!  The game lets you build a small town of musically responsive structures.  You layout homes, trees, stop lights, etc along a road.  As cars pass your creations, each one beeps or hums out a preset tune.  It’s doesn’t take long to get a fun and catchy melody going!

Check out it out at the app store.

Touch screen tv becomes dj console


Well it looks like the future is just about here.  The clever gremlins over at Smithson Martin are turning multi-touch devices into music controllers.  That means giant touch screen dj booth!  The applications are intriguing.  You could set up a system that allows guests to tap areas of the screen to introduce beats.  Kind of like a HD simon says!

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