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Mario takes over Times Square

WARNING: This post is not for bitter old curmudgeons who long ago abandoned the idea of acting like a kid in public or showing any signs of joy.

For the rest of you… Times Square got a Super Mario make-over!!!  Check out the video and drool in jealousy bouncy trampolines, warp pipes, ? boxes and a quick cameo by Link!

It’s awesome when giant, faceless and amoral companies throw an event like this.  We’ve been seeing a lot of these viral marketing campaigns lately – and loving them!!!

Yes, curmudgeons, it’s marketing.  But it’s fun too!


Knowing Nunsense

Ah introductions.  We are Know Nunsense.  Simply put, we are in the business of tom foolery, shenanigans and poppycock.  Our goal is to provide smiles and laughter with meticulously crafted and tested applications.

Each app is dreamt up over a bottle of wine and good cheer.  We then put them through a rigorous battery of tests to create the most entertaining, useful and / or naughty apps possible!

On our blog, you’ll find updates on our projects as well as whatever silliness tickles our collective pickle that day.

Nuns in tech

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