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Can your smart phone spy snoop your emails?

iPhone with disguise glasses

A new study has concluded that your sweet, innocent iPhone could be listening in on your typing!

The basic premise is that the accelerometer can judge which keys you’re punching on your keyboard… so long as it’s on your desk.  Preliminary tests have returned an 80% success rate.  Keep that in mind the next time you’re posting a slanderous comment online.

MySpyPhone for the full scoop


The dark side of apple

The dark lord, Steve Jobs, has an planning session with Tim Cook.

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Smart Phones could be 44% more energy efficient

The smart phone: an electricity guzzling time bandit.  Or is it?  The elves at the University of Michigan have divined a method for making smart phones upwards of 44% more energy-efficient!

The process is actually quite simple.  Basically, your little pocket monster is constantly looking for nearby cell towers and wifi.  So when your phone ‘locks,’ or goes into power save mode, it’s still doing a lot of work!  (Especially if you’re in a moving vehicle)

The U of M kids created a nifty new way of coding the hardware to operate in ‘idle mode’ at 1/16 the speed currently utilized to receive messages.  Basically, when idle, the phone stops sending and receiving, but instead ‘listens’ for updates / messages / booty calls.  The new process is called E-MiLi (Energy Minimizing Idle Listening).

While this won’t significantly alter the way you use your phone, it has the potential to drastically reduce the amount of battery used.    The process also has the potential to cut down the amount of radiation spit out from your phone!

Source: inhabitat

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