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Super fun app

Tetris and Bejeweled just got dethroned!  Monsters Ate My Condo is the new king of puzzle apps!  Combine like-colored condos for combos.  Feed giant animated monsters the right color condos to keep them happy… or they bust your tower down to nuthin.  Well worth the $0.99 price tag.


Post Turkey Pixar

Unless you’re some kind of super villain, you’re probably a fan of Pixar films.  Even those two about talking cars (really?  talking cars, you say?) turned out pretty darn good.

Feast your eyes upon their newest offering, BRAVE.

(Ok, super villains.  Yes, we’ve seen this storyline before.  Girl is supposed to be, well, lady-like.  Ends up proving that it’s ok to be different by saving the village, or her father, or a child or something.  Quit overanalyzing it and enjoy the ride!)



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Public marketing is fun!

Oooh, look!  Live-Action Angry Birds!

Not that the brand needs any marketing, but the folks over at T-Mobile set up a huge Angry Birds themed event in Barcelona.  Really fun stuff.


File that under adorable

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Boy learns who Luke’s daddy is

Lego Darth Vader rushes to tell Luke the 'good news.'  DNA test just cam back, son!

This video is what Star Wars geekdom is all about.  Bear witness as this young man finds out for the first time that [spoiler alert!] Darth Vader is Luke’s pappy.  Welcome to the fold, boy.  It only gets geekier from here.

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Old Skewl Spider-Man

Evidently, The Electric Company once made some sinfully hilarious live action spider-man shorts.  Check out his nemesis, The Wall.  Caution, may cause 70’s flash backs.

Wasn’t The Electric Company a fake Sesame Street creation?

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Danger 5 Trailer

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